long time no see + ZINE GRAB BAGS ♥ ♥ ♥

it’s been a while since i’ve blogged here. i’d say sorry but it’s kinda boring to be always apologising for shit like that. i’ve been mostly blogging in finnish over at my finnish blog = kissakerho. i dont know maybe i should just combine the two and include little translations to english at the end when i go on in my native tongue. seems a bit silly having two blogs. even if you ignore the lack of posts, this blog has kiiinda fallen into being ‘an official’ blog, mostly for promotional purposes. and it’s not what i aimed to do when i started to blog or w/e. i always meant to document my life as it is, and not so called highlights. maybe merging the two blogs would be the right thing to do? i don’t know, i will think about it! (besides, kissakerho is my username like, everywhere..)

speaking of which… let’s get the main reason i’m back here today out of the way! while unpacking i found a whole bag-for-life of old zines i’d meant to do grab bags of AGES AGO. (like a couple of years! we found the bag under the bed…) and the other day i finally sorted them out into FOUR grab bags:

each bag has 20+ zines (about 800g in weight) various subjects and genres/styles. they are £4.50 inc. 1st class P&P in the UK. you can paypal me a personal payment to vampiresushidistro@gmail.com (which i prefer cos fees) or buy using the button below.

it would be so nice if you guys would buy the grab bags and / or some zines from VAMPIRE SUSHI DISTRO (if you want) so i’ll have some £££ in my paypal and can get some new fresh stock for the distro. it’s been stagnating for a while, i dont think i’ve had any new stock since the spring. then again, i only just unpacked the stock properly earlier this week. i’ve been terrible at distro and zine stuff.

i haven’t been up to much lately. i’ve been working hard at my dayjob, doing passport photos and printing other people’s holiday and wedding snaps. we got some new furniture and i’ve unpacked most of our flat, though we need a little bit more bookshelves. i’ve also been watching a lot of murder she wrote and the x-files. and most importantly i’ve finally started writing zine stuff again! *throws glitter in celebration* i’ve had the biggest writers block all summer. which has been very strange/inpractical since i have lots to write about; the move, going to finland, other stuff… (i’ve also got a notebook with probably half a zine’s worth of totally unedited stuff i wrote before the move about health related stuff from the spring… but i honestly dont know if i’ll ever use it any of it.) my brain is ever so inconvenient sometimes.

here’s some of my fave looks from the last whenever (that i’ve actually taken a picture of, at least?)

finland v. 2014 photo dump part 3 ♥ ♥ ♥ my little brother’s wedding

i may have mentioned that my little brother was doing the heteronormative thing and getting married in july. and he did. that’s the reason we went to finland. here’s some pictures (obviously this is gonna be PICTURE HEAVY. and there is more under the eventual cut / read more link, ok?)

i wore this snazzy outfit: (from top to bottom) medusa headdress by zara carpenter ♥ heart hoop earrings from some shop in chatham ♥ MUA luxe velvet lip lacquer in reckless ♥ necklace from some shop in helsinki i forgot the name of ♥ kitty handbag from primark kids’ section ♥ ‘lucille’ vintage style dress + black petticoat from dam hag vintage dresses ♥ wedge sandals from primark

carl had to also dress up all dapper and shit ♥ ♥ ♥

the wedding was held at espoon kartano which is an 18th century manor house just past the ‘burbs. the weather had been kinda meh all week but proper summer arrived just in time for the wedding and the ceremony could be held outside in the gardens around the sundial. (the backup plan was to do it on the porch if it rained)


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