new zines and things <3

so yes i did two new zines. and i’mma gonna plug them for you now. that and other zine stuff, ok?

24 pages – quarter size

i wrote about writer’s block and unfinished writing business, my favourite old lady hobbies = knitting and crocheting, and trying to get a new band together & going. there’s also my favourite brownie recipe (it’s not vegan though, sorry)

you can buy it via vampire sushi distro,
or my newly reopened etsy shop,
or you can paypal me £2.95 (£2 + p&p)
or i’ll also do trades (as long as it’s a fair trade)
talk to me, we’ll figure it out ♥

VAMPIRE SUSHI #6    30 pages – quarter size

the semi annual vampire sushi distro’s birthday compilation zine of art and stories and junk. this issue includes comics, art work and stories, including rupert giles/ethan rayne fic *wink wink* it took me three months to put together cos a) we got lots of submissions and b) i don’t know i was busy or overwhelmed or lazy or something? who knows.   ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  you can buy it via vampire sushi distro

in other zine related news, i tabled at Weirdo Zine Fest back in january (31st) at DIY space for london. it was ace. i mean the trains were a suckfest of replacement buses all the way from meopham, and i may have cried when i got there for reasons, and there were So Many People there it was a little overwhelming (but in a good way??) but on the whole i had a good time. i got to see & kind of hang out with friends i don’t get to see very often. i didn’t really take any pictures (too busy having fun or something?) but here’s a picture cherry took a picture of me & my stall for me, my personal zine fest haul (trades & purchases) and me drowning in new and old distro stock after opening my backpack post zine fest!

seriously, i came home with so many new zines for the distro, and i’d ordered a bunch of new stock in preparation for the zine fest, as the distro stock levels were woefully low at the change of the year. some of it actually only arrived last week because ugh surface mail is slow and airmail was wayyyy too much. i’m not kidding though, 25 new zines (well ok four of those are re-stock but still!) so many descriptions to write! ugh my least favourite bit of being a distro mistress :/ anyway, here is the other plugging my things part of this post: CHECK OUT ALL THIS NEW STUFF AT VAMPIRE SUSHI DISTRO PLEASE?

NEW IN STOCK: bitter feels: a non-binary femme affirmation zine, critical breakfast #1 / telegram #38, flourish #1, flourish #2, forever incomplete #4, here. in my head #17, motor city kitty #23, motor city kitty #24, motor city kitty #25, motor city kitty #26, motor city kitty #27, say hi and wave #1, say hi and wave #2, scorpio moon #1, scratch that itch #5, sonorus #3, tritch witch, vampire sushi #6, what is left: a zine about grief, your pretty face is going straight to hell #23, zinester’s retreat.
BACK IN STOCK: mythologising me #10, scratch that itch #3, scratch that itch #4, tempest in a teacup #7.