LOOK WHO’S BACK ~~ a quick life update ✨

ok i’ve decided i’m going to try to do this blogging thing again, and have a website with my things on it, like back in the day. we will see how it goes. i feel like i should start with a life update. it’s been a while since one of those, 2 of my last three blog posts were birthday wish lists and that doesn’t even include this year’s, and that 1 other things was an end of the year round up for 2016. geez. shit has happened since, but i guess also not that much?

i still have the same job i got at the end of september in 2016, but i transitioned into a home worker at the end of september, and i no longer have to drag myself to shittingbourne and back 4 times a week. i’m still settling in and i need to figure out a proper routine for myself but so far it has been an improvement and i feel like i’m actually getting more work done alone at home, than i did at the office. in more sense than one. though i am starting to feel a bit lonely now. i haven’t really spoken to anyone in person other than carl and retail staff. i have however been leaving the house at least 2 times each week so far. so that’s something i guess? but it’s mostly been to go out to buy halloween tat. (i have a problem) luckily i have social plans this thursday and friday AND next thursday and friday. (carl’s mum’s birthday dinner, punching swans’ gig + emma’s staying over, hamilton in london with lori & her fam, and loco cabaret’s halloween do.) and then the wednesday night after that i’m off to glasgow for halloween fun times.

in other news i finally did it, i finally dyed my hair a bright, unnatural colour back in april. i bought two tubs of directions’ alpine green from the local hair supply shop and marched to the budget hairdressers and they bleach my hair and put the green in. it was supposed to be a subtle very dark turqouise-ish green but my hair said nope to subtle and it came out bright as fuck turquoise. not exactly as planned but it looked amazing. and it faded to a super cute mint, much slower than i expected. in july i had my roots done but unfortunately that particular hairdresser didn’t have any previous experience with bright colours and it came out not right. this time i’d bought a crazy color green (can’t remember what shade and apparently i didn’t document it anywhere) and she put the dye on the bleached roots, left it and then added it to the rest of the hair about 10 mins before washing it all off and well, it kinda didn’t take much to the ends. also the crazy color washed off pretty quickly compared to directions. last week it was finally time to get the roots done and this time i asked specifically for someone who has experience with bright colours, and i brought in 2 pots of directions’ apple green. and i’m all nice and bright green ready for halloween. i do kind of want to try colour other than green at some point but so far the green hasn’t faded enough to properly change colours. apparently green is really hard to get out but hey i didn’t think of that before

i think that’s the main stuff really. other than that, it’s pretty much been same shit different day. life only changes so much when you’re in your damn 30s, and in a longterm relationship.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



no vittu. i’ve been ‘no good’ at this blogging malarkey. almost two months of nothing. i have a bunch of excuses but in the end i just simply HAVEN’T FELT LIKE IT. there you go. and to be quite honest, i’m not really ~*feeling it*~ right now, but i feel like i should do a life update of mostly zine related things.

i’ve been tabling at some zine fests with Vampire Sushi Distro (sheffield zine fest, london radical bookfair and DIY cultures in london to be exact. photo of me & my table from london radical bookfair twitter!) and it’s been good times, hanging out with fellow zinesters and stuff. i was also supposed to do North West Zine Fest on june 18th but i can’t afford the travels so that’s cancelled for me. suxx to be me. though on the other hand I AM GOING TO FINLAND on 28th June til 8th July yay yay yay. if i wasn’t going, i would’ve been like fuck it i’m going to manchester (then again if i wasn’t going i wouldn’t be in need of travel fun funds) my official reason is life admin = getting my passport sorted, though to be honest i could do that at the embassy in london but my mum offered to pay for the travels, so how could i say no? besides early july is like the best time to go. fingers crossed for excellent swimming weather. i plan to spend as much time as possible in the water be it sea or lake, til i turn into a raisin. i’m going on my own which means i don’t have to worry about carl and whether he’s bored and confused or not. i also get to borrow my dad’s camera *strong arm emoji* i predict a ridiculous amount of pictures of everything and then some.

i’ve just done a massive update of Vampire Sushi Distro with almost 30 new zines, and a bunch of new 5″ x 7″ prints by me, cos i started drawing again the other week. also until june 26th you can have 10% off your order with the code KOTISEUDULLEPOHJOISKARJALAAN2016 at Vampire Sushi Distro because.. why not? birthday sale of sorts. and obviously i will not be posting out any orders while i’m in finland. i mean i guess i could make carl do it but naaah. i also have some things in my ETSY SHOP if you prefer that for some reason.

what else? not much i guess. i’m much more present on twitter than anywhere else if you want to keep an eye on me, and obviously i occasionally post pictures on instagram. i’m @kissakerho at both. & i’ll probably/hopefully make up some grab bags in the next week or two, and i guess i better do my annual birthday wishlist blog post like in the next week. it’s mostly for the benefit of carl’s family. who else buys me presents? obviously if you want to, you’re allowed. but yeah, that’s a thing for later. also i accidentally left my camera on the megabus when i went to sheffield. i’ve reported it to their lost & found but i have low hopes.





life update vlog / rest in pissed-offness.

i’ve had a bit of heavy week emotionally, and the other day i also (finally) got myself some subscribers on youtube (wow) and i thought “hey i should make a video!” so i did as soon as i had the house to myself for more than a couple of hours. and the video ended up being a 23 minute somewhat life update, where i get a bit emotional. it comes with a trigger / content warning for talk of death & grief. (from 5:00 til about 10:00, if you feel need to skip it. that’s ok, just stay safe.)

i felt 50% better once i’d filmed this. i haven’t really been able to talk to anyone about any of this, and i guess i needed to. besides the sad stuff, i also talk about band worries, probably going home in the summer and upcoming zine fests.