no vittu. i’ve been ‘no good’ at this blogging malarkey. almost two months of nothing. i have a bunch of excuses but in the end i just simply HAVEN’T FELT LIKE IT. there you go. and to be quite honest, i’m not really ~*feeling it*~ right now, but i feel like i should do a life update of mostly zine related things.

i’ve been tabling at some zine fests with Vampire Sushi Distro (sheffield zine fest, london radical bookfair and DIY cultures in london to be exact. photo of me & my table from london radical bookfair twitter!) and it’s been good times, hanging out with fellow zinesters and stuff. i was also supposed to do North West Zine Fest on june 18th but i can’t afford the travels so that’s cancelled for me. suxx to be me. though on the other hand I AM GOING TO FINLAND on 28th June til 8th July yay yay yay. if i wasn’t going, i would’ve been like fuck it i’m going to manchester (then again if i wasn’t going i wouldn’t be in need of travel fun funds) my official reason is life admin = getting my passport sorted, though to be honest i could do that at the embassy in london but my mum offered to pay for the travels, so how could i say no? besides early july is like the best time to go. fingers crossed for excellent swimming weather. i plan to spend as much time as possible in the water be it sea or lake, til i turn into a raisin. i’m going on my own which means i don’t have to worry about carl and whether he’s bored and confused or not. i also get to borrow my dad’s camera *strong arm emoji* i predict a ridiculous amount of pictures of everything and then some.

i’ve just done a massive update of Vampire Sushi Distro with almost 30 new zines, and a bunch of new 5″ x 7″ prints by me, cos i started drawing again the other week. also until june 26th you can have 10% off your order with the code KOTISEUDULLEPOHJOISKARJALAAN2016 at Vampire Sushi Distro because.. why not? birthday sale of sorts. and obviously i will not be posting out any orders while i’m in finland. i mean i guess i could make carl do it but naaah. i also have some things in my ETSY SHOP if you prefer that for some reason.

what else? not much i guess. i’m much more present on twitter than anywhere else if you want to keep an eye on me, and obviously i occasionally post pictures on instagram. i’m @kissakerho at both. & i’ll probably/hopefully make up some grab bags in the next week or two, and i guess i better do my annual birthday wishlist blog post like in the next week. it’s mostly for the benefit of carl’s family. who else buys me presents? obviously if you want to, you’re allowed. but yeah, that’s a thing for later. also i accidentally left my camera on the megabus when i went to sheffield. i’ve reported it to their lost & found but i have low hopes.





life update vlog / rest in pissed-offness.

i’ve had a bit of heavy week emotionally, and the other day i also (finally) got myself some subscribers on youtube (wow) and i thought “hey i should make a video!” so i did as soon as i had the house to myself for more than a couple of hours. and the video ended up being a 23 minute somewhat life update, where i get a bit emotional. it comes with a trigger / content warning for talk of death & grief. (from 5:00 til about 10:00, if you feel need to skip it. that’s ok, just stay safe.)

i felt 50% better once i’d filmed this. i haven’t really been able to talk to anyone about any of this, and i guess i needed to. besides the sad stuff, i also talk about band worries, probably going home in the summer and upcoming zine fests.


sick of being sick.

oh my gosh, i am so behind on this blog thing. i have excuses though! like i spent a chunk of january trying to finish a zine in time for Weirdo Zine Fest (on 31st january) and i did it! (more about that later) and then after that i was trying to finish a crochet stormtrooper pixel blanket for carl’s birthday, which i also did! go me! and then i’ve been sick all this week. still fucking sick. actually had three proper duvet days on the sofa, would’ve had one on friday too but carl decided to have a day off and there’s not enough space for him + me in duvet mode on the sofa. so i stayed in bed until like 2pm or something. not that it’s really helped, i currently sound like i am drawing my last breath with this coughing fit. well not right now, but when i cough. i do get some respite from nasty coughing fits but it kind of feels like i’m getting worse. i’m at that extra gross lots of flem and snot and dirty coughing. ugh. i’m going to attempt going to the doctors tomorrow after or before work, fingers crossed there’ll be a convenient appointment when i call them at 8am. i dont want to go on my day off cos i have the fear that i’ll go there and they’ll just tell me to take paracetamol and drink hot drinks. and i’d be like GEE I HADN’T ALREADY TRIED THAT WOW I LEFT THE HOUSE FOR THAT STELLAR ADVICE THANKS A LOT D: going outside is extra awful right now. i don’t have high hopes about tomorrow though. it’s like the busiest time of the year cos everyone’s got some variation of a cold. but honestly i’m starting to suspect i have bronchitis or some other form of chest infection and that’s an antibiotics kinda deal, isn’t it? (must not forget to mention i’m allergic to pennicillin…)

yeah i had a big project to do list for when i finished the zine and when i finished the blanket but the whole duvet days thing has kinda put a damper on those. i’ve watched lots of films though! i dont know if i ever mentioned it but i’ve been trying to keep track of all the things i watch / read and here is my list for this year. and last year’s is here. (it’s not entirely 100% accurate though, i didnt always remember to write things down. still don’t but i’m trying to keep notes in my diary. we’ll see how long that lasts..)

i’ll show off my new zine & stuff and the blanket and stuff another time when i feel a bit more human again. carl’s in the kitchen making us meatloaf (recipe) he’s made it before so i know it’s gonna yummy as heck. that’ll be the highlight of my day <3