S P O O P Y H A L L O W E E N w i s h l i s t ????

you know what the main reason i wanted to bring to blog back was? i wanted to do a post of some of the spooky things i was still eyeing up this year. obviously i’ve already spent way too much money in spoopy things because this is the time of year it’s easier for me to find things that suit my personal spoopy aesthetic. (i’m working on making a little haul video of my purchases so far later….)

BLACK HEART CREATIVES’ halloween collection is INCREDIBLE. as usual. i want everything as usual but so far i’ve only ordered the witches magic hand necklace, and i might treat myself to the black candle shrine later on if i haven’t spent all my money. every time i wear the witch moon necklace i bought last year, i have at least one person be all “omg that necklace is amazing, where did you get it” and i’m always repping BHC because i love them a lot. i’m a bit sad the witch moon didn’t come back this year though…

i only just discovered curiology and i am seriously eyeing up their halloween fly by night bat necklace.

i’m a sucker for enamel pins, and punky pins’ halloween collection is cute af. i’ve already bought a few things on the warehouse sale (i got some bargain seconds and samples and discontinued spooky bits) but i’m still drawn to the down with my demons pin (i also love the feminist witch pin in theory but i disliked the font on the banner too much to pay full price, and it’s sold out anyway so who cares)

these damn halloween novelty dresses from matalan. i tried the pumpkin one in large at my local branch and it was so cute but i knew XL would be a better fit. i’m tempted to buy all 4 designs (especially since i just sold my boohoo skeleton bodycon) but i think i’ll probably be sensible and just get the witch and the pumpkin. but we’ll see.

this neon style bat light thing from asda. the main reason i haven’t already bought it because i’m being weird about the black base, i feel like it will stand out too much on our all white ikea furniture

my claire’s wishlist. though realistically i will probably get the mermaid tiara, bat bow headband and maybe the spider web veil headband and/or pair of earrings. the witchy poo is too much even at 40% off but it tickles my giggles <3

& here’s what i’m kind of thinking about getting from poundland, but who knows. i just think the ghosties are cute, and i finally figured out how to put fake lashes on last weekend, and i was thinking the turquoise bucket could be a cute home for one of my plants. (ha ha ha since i started writing all this the other day i actually went to poundland again yesterday and bought every single one of these items already, oops.)

all the usual online clothes retailers have been rather disappointing this year. they all seem to be recycling the same old designs and a lot of plus ranges only has a handful of boring t-shirts. the only things i’m really eyeing up (apart from those matalan dresses from earlier) is the same ghosts bats & spiderwebs dress i’ve been eyeing up at boohoo for the last three years, and these skeleton cycling shorts because i live in cycling shorts in the summer and it’d be a nice change from plain black. but the real bummer here is that everyone has been asking questions about my spiderweb leggins and thats the one design boohoo hasn’t recycled. why?

every time i go to sainsburys i keep looking at these plush cat baskets, they are SO CUTE but i literally have no use for one, and they are £5. maybe if they were £3 or less, i could justify it but…. the bat is cute af too but our sainsburys is so small obvs they dont have them. i also kind of want some witch leg ‘lawn stakes’ and put them in my garden all year round because i’m a spooky bitch. i’ve already have the bat welcome sign in my basket for next week’s online food shop, and i had the ghostie too, but tbh i think i’m going to swap it for the legs because i think can diy a sheet ghost later/when ever.

i’m sure there’s something else, like stuff in tiger, and i’m still going to london next week and then glasgow for actual halloween. who knows what i might find and throw my money at next. honestly, someone stop me please? i could have also gone through american stores and tortured myself more than i already do (i spend way too much time watching american youtubers’ halloween hauls and follow me around a shop you have no access to and internally weeping, but it’s for the best.) but that’s enough now.



here’s my birthday wishlist. it’s realistic and mostly for the benefit of carl & his family.

~ * some comic books * ~

~ * some graphic novels * ~
BLACK HOLE by Charles Burns (X)
IN REAL LIFE by Cody Doctorow & Jen Wang (X)
SKIM by by Mariko Tamaki & Jillian Tamaki (X)

2 garden chairs + table. preferable ones without arm rests, or a nice wide kind, so i can fit my butt in comfortably.
(pictured type is usually A++.) (pic via wilkinsons)

this fucking wonderwoman t-shirt from primark (the nightwear section which is much cooler than daywear)
(it also comes with rather fetching matching pink bottoms..)

some birthday euros for my travels <3

so i guess that’s it for now. it’s a pretty short and boring list, but to be honest all i want this year is garden furniture and comics. i thought about putting a distortion pedal for my bass on the list but i havent really had the chance to do research on what kind i want or need and i know absolutely nothing about them.

oh i also need a new lasagne dish, the old one is fucked. but i’m too tight to buy a new one


better late than never christmas times.

so 2015 hasn’t started heavy on the blogging. whatever. i’ve been busy trying to write a new zine in time for Weirdo Zine Fest at the end of the month ok? or thinking about wanting to do that. but yeah here’s my obligatory what i got for christmas post before it gets even more ridiculous to blog about christmas related things.

i got a bunch of comic books etc from carl ♥ ♥ = buffy the vampire slayer: the death of buffy, gotham academy volume 1, adventure time: bitter sweets, nimona by noelle stevenson, cut out books of antique fashion paper dolls of the 1890s and art nouveau initials, shera dvd boxset & twin peaks fire walk with me soundtrack.

electric wax melt warmer + spicy apple melts & scented oils from carl’s uncle & his family, lavender body or room spray from carl’s mum, shea body butter from carl’s brother, beyonce heat perfume from work, and then from myself: yankee candle wax melts + boots extracts mini treats gift set & i love ginger bread body spray.

blender from carl’s mum, comic book cupcake cases + bag of 10 x 50g chunky boucle wool in royal purple from carl, and a unicorn hood scarf thing from carl’s brother. .

there were some other bits too but i’ve either already eaten them or they don’t photograph well. (or i’m already using them and i forgot)

i was going to make a post about all the presents i made and bought but i was pretty busy with work before christmas and when i was home it was dark and ugh for photos and i didn’t 100% finish a bunch of them until the 23rd anyway, or in some cases decide they were going to be presents so..i dont have pictures of most of them. maybe next time?

as usual we spent christmas at carl’s mum’s house with his brothers, and this time his older younger brother’s missus & her kids (one of them’s his too) and it was like a proper family christmas with kids. i haven’t had a christmas with kids since i was an actual kid. i mostly ate a lot. every chance i got ♥ ♥ ♥ as you should on christmas. and yet somehow we all had to go there again on new years day cos there was so much christmas food left my mother in law couldn’t finish it all by herself since neither of carl’s brothers live there now, not even part time.

out of my presents i’ve already used the blender several times, making a smoothie, peanut dressing and sweet potato soup. it’ll come in handy i’m sure of it ♥ i also ready bitter sweets on christmas day and i’m 100% in love with the boots extract vanilla body wash, oh my gosh it smells so nice. i’ve been rubbing the shea body butter on my chub after most baths and i have just plugged the wax melter in again to trick my senses into thinking i’m somewhere warm and cosy (i’m never warm and cosy this time of year in this country. not even now we actually have central heating and double glazing. though to be honest, i haven’t put the heating on yet = typing this at 5pm) and i used some cupcake cases making red velvet cupcakes (using cake mix & ready made icing) a bit over week ago.

i semi-started writing a post about plans for 2016 a few weeks ago but who knows. we’ll see you later. i better get back to typing stuff for the zine or maybe put the dinner on = asda’s own brand meat free meatballs + marinara sauce i made last week and froze (it’s been defrosting on the side since last night) + tagliatelle. should be yummers.