sick of being sick.

oh my gosh, i am so behind on this blog thing. i have excuses though! like i spent a chunk of january trying to finish a zine in time for Weirdo Zine Fest (on 31st january) and i did it! (more about that later) and then after that i was trying to finish a crochet stormtrooper pixel blanket for carl’s birthday, which i also did! go me! and then i’ve been sick all this week. still fucking sick. actually had three proper duvet days on the sofa, would’ve had one on friday too but carl decided to have a day off and there’s not enough space for him + me in duvet mode on the sofa. so i stayed in bed until like 2pm or something. not that it’s really helped, i currently sound like i am drawing my last breath with this coughing fit. well not right now, but when i cough. i do get some respite from nasty coughing fits but it kind of feels like i’m getting worse. i’m at that extra gross lots of flem and snot and dirty coughing. ugh. i’m going to attempt going to the doctors tomorrow after or before work, fingers crossed there’ll be a convenient appointment when i call them at 8am. i dont want to go on my day off cos i have the fear that i’ll go there and they’ll just tell me to take paracetamol and drink hot drinks. and i’d be like GEE I HADN’T ALREADY TRIED THAT WOW I LEFT THE HOUSE FOR THAT STELLAR ADVICE THANKS A LOT D: going outside is extra awful right now. i don’t have high hopes about tomorrow though. it’s like the busiest time of the year cos everyone’s got some variation of a cold. but honestly i’m starting to suspect i have bronchitis or some other form of chest infection and that’s an antibiotics kinda deal, isn’t it? (must not forget to mention i’m allergic to pennicillin…)

yeah i had a big project to do list for when i finished the zine and when i finished the blanket but the whole duvet days thing has kinda put a damper on those. i’ve watched lots of films though! i dont know if i ever mentioned it but i’ve been trying to keep track of all the things i watch / read and here is my list for this year. and last year’s is here. (it’s not entirely 100% accurate though, i didnt always remember to write things down. still don’t but i’m trying to keep notes in my diary. we’ll see how long that lasts..)

i’ll show off my new zine & stuff and the blanket and stuff another time when i feel a bit more human again. carl’s in the kitchen making us meatloaf (recipe) he’s made it before so i know it’s gonna yummy as heck. that’ll be the highlight of my day <3


better late than never christmas times.

so 2015 hasn’t started heavy on the blogging. whatever. i’ve been busy trying to write a new zine in time for Weirdo Zine Fest at the end of the month ok? or thinking about wanting to do that. but yeah here’s my obligatory what i got for christmas post before it gets even more ridiculous to blog about christmas related things.

i got a bunch of comic books etc from carl ♥ ♥ = buffy the vampire slayer: the death of buffy, gotham academy volume 1, adventure time: bitter sweets, nimona by noelle stevenson, cut out books of antique fashion paper dolls of the 1890s and art nouveau initials, shera dvd boxset & twin peaks fire walk with me soundtrack.

electric wax melt warmer + spicy apple melts & scented oils from carl’s uncle & his family, lavender body or room spray from carl’s mum, shea body butter from carl’s brother, beyonce heat perfume from work, and then from myself: yankee candle wax melts + boots extracts mini treats gift set & i love ginger bread body spray.

blender from carl’s mum, comic book cupcake cases + bag of 10 x 50g chunky boucle wool in royal purple from carl, and a unicorn hood scarf thing from carl’s brother. .

there were some other bits too but i’ve either already eaten them or they don’t photograph well. (or i’m already using them and i forgot)

i was going to make a post about all the presents i made and bought but i was pretty busy with work before christmas and when i was home it was dark and ugh for photos and i didn’t 100% finish a bunch of them until the 23rd anyway, or in some cases decide they were going to be presents so..i dont have pictures of most of them. maybe next time?

as usual we spent christmas at carl’s mum’s house with his brothers, and this time his older younger brother’s missus & her kids (one of them’s his too) and it was like a proper family christmas with kids. i haven’t had a christmas with kids since i was an actual kid. i mostly ate a lot. every chance i got ♥ ♥ ♥ as you should on christmas. and yet somehow we all had to go there again on new years day cos there was so much christmas food left my mother in law couldn’t finish it all by herself since neither of carl’s brothers live there now, not even part time.

out of my presents i’ve already used the blender several times, making a smoothie, peanut dressing and sweet potato soup. it’ll come in handy i’m sure of it ♥ i also ready bitter sweets on christmas day and i’m 100% in love with the boots extract vanilla body wash, oh my gosh it smells so nice. i’ve been rubbing the shea body butter on my chub after most baths and i have just plugged the wax melter in again to trick my senses into thinking i’m somewhere warm and cosy (i’m never warm and cosy this time of year in this country. not even now we actually have central heating and double glazing. though to be honest, i haven’t put the heating on yet = typing this at 5pm) and i used some cupcake cases making red velvet cupcakes (using cake mix & ready made icing) a bit over week ago.

i semi-started writing a post about plans for 2016 a few weeks ago but who knows. we’ll see you later. i better get back to typing stuff for the zine or maybe put the dinner on = asda’s own brand meat free meatballs + marinara sauce i made last week and froze (it’s been defrosting on the side since last night) + tagliatelle. should be yummers.


‘quick’ pre-chrimbo update.

been quiet. been busy. doing a lot of crochet for presents. and working. not much to say about anything.

christmas decorations.
i’ve been also making fudge. the first patch i made went a bit wrong; it didn’t set. it seems i hadn’t heated it up enough, i was so worried i would burn the fudge so i kept the temperature quite low, and besides the mix wasn’t even bubbling at any point in the recipe video. so i had to reheat it. this time i let it bubble quite a lot during the 15 minute period and it worked! may have overdone it a little bit cos it ended up being a lot firmer than the fudge the homemade fudge stand in the shopping centre i work. but it tasted good and everyone who tasted it gave it two thumbs up. i made another patch yesterday (with higher heat, and actually bubbling during the fifteen minutes stirring on the hob) and added a teaspoon of cinnamon for festive fun and it turned out A+++. still firmer than fudge stand fudge but better than first lot. it’s all technically for presents but i’ve kind of been nibbling on it. it’s pretty moorish. i think my teeth might fall off.
i still have work tomorrow, boo! and i’m going in at 8.30am, extra boo! but i finish at early at 1pm and then i don’t have to go back until next year which is nice. and i got a beyonce perfume as a christmas present so that’s nice too. (i would bloody love not to have to work on christmas eve sometime though. maybe next year??) i still have a few more things to sort out tomorrow after work, and we have wrapped NOTHING yet. (i wanted to document what we/i’ve got and made people but it’s been dark and horrid when i’ve been home and i can’t find my camera and not everything is quite done. i had yesterday off but it was a bit of a bust when it came to doing things other than laundry and fudge.) carl’s home tomorrow but i usually do the wrapping cos i kinda like it and i’m pretty good at it. we’re going to carl’s mum’s tomorrow night as usual though and i’m a bit worried we won’t be ready to go on time D: so i should better go on with it. and i have at least one more crochet project that needs to be 100% finished. it’s gonna be pretty full on on christmas day, it’s gonna be me, carl, his ma & 2 brothers, and 1 brother’s partner and her four kids (one of them is also his). yowzers. actual kids at christmas! that should be interesting, i haven’t had one of those since i was a kid myself and my family’s finnish christmas was pretty chill and pretty different from how it’s here…
anyway, whatever you celebrate this week (if you celebrate anything) i hope it’s a good one xxx (SHIT IS THAT THE TIME) here’s my off beat finnish christmas song playlist.