things i watched in 2015


ps. this is not 100% accurate. i kept forgetting to write things down, and netflix no longer has a watch history page anymore…

20 feet from stardom
kill your darlings
safety not guaranteed
romeo + juliet ♥ (rewatch)
captain america: the first avenger ♥ (rewatch)
captain america: the winter soldier
midnight movies: from the margin to the mainstream
the world’s end
the naked gun: from the files of police squad! (rewatch)
beautiful creatures
donnie darko ♥ (rewatch)
guardians of the galaxy
josie and the pussycats ♥ ♥
vampire academy
we are the best ♥ ♥
beyond clueless
pan’s labyrinth
the sisterhood of the night
fifth element ♥ ♥ (rewatch)
serial mom ♥ ♥ (rewatch)
the calling
summer of sam
violet & daisy
edge of tomorrow
star wars IV: a new hope ♥ ♥ (rewatch)
star wars V: empire strikes back ♥ ♥ ♥ (rewatch)

orphan black S1 ♥ ♥
sleepy hollow S1 ♥
supernatural S9
brooklyn 99 S1
marvel’s agent carter S1 ♥
danger five S1
the x-files S1-5
buffy the vampire slayer S1-6 (rewatch) ♥
gilmore girls S1-7 (rewatch) ♥
bojack horseman S2 ♥
orphan black S2 ♥ ♥
elementary S3 ♥ ♥
orphan black S3 ♥ ♥
top of the lake
murder she wrote ….. S1-12
supernatural S10
the originals S1
pretty little liars S1-6 *
vampire diaries S1-5 *
teen wolf S1-3 *
gotham S1
jessica jones S1 ♥ ♥
doctor who S9
doctor who S4 (rewatch) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
MR ROBOT S1 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
elementary ___ S4 ♥ ♥
arrow S1 ///
daredevil S1 ///

(….. stands for on going.)
(___ stands for as it’s being aired.)
(/// stands for interrupted/didn’t finish. doesn’t mean i wont finish later though.)
(* stands for not sure if started watching the series in 2015 or earlier…)

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