♥ ♥  W H O  I S  T U K R U ?  ♥ ♥ ♥

hello, i am tukru dearest. i’m a 33 year old finnish immigrant / ex-pat living in medway in kent, south eastern england. i’ve been here for about 12 years, came to study photography and kinda never left. oops. i kinda fell in love with a local boy and besides, i didn’t really have much to go home to. besides getting all my crap back to finland just didn’t seem like worth the effort. i do sometimes wonder what things would be like if i’d gone back / never left but ifs and but(t)s and coconuts.

by day i work very part time in a little photoshop in the local shopping center and take all the passport photos and process people’s holiday etc snaps and put their old videos on to dvd and generally resurrect the past in some form everyday. woo. i much prefer it to my old job (selling toys on ebay for a local independent toy shop and putting up with constant bullshit from someone i had to share the office with. now i just put up with the occasional bullshit with the occasional arsehole customer.) and it’s kinda relevant to my degree (BA in photography) even if it’s just part time and minimum wage. (though i’m always looking for something else because i’m sick of retail)

by night i’m a zinester extraordinaire and a distro mistress. i mainly write a perzine called your pretty face is going straight to hell, and i run a little zine distro called vampire sushi distro. those are my main loves ♥ i’ve been making zines for 15+ years, ever since i first read about riot grrrl and, throught that, zines on the internets back in my mid-to-late teens. i made my first (maybe first two or three even?) without actually having seen a zine in real life cos those were the days before paypal and i had to go all the way to helsinki to get my hands on foreign currency to send off as payment. my first few efforts were mostly full of flowery fiction, as i didn’t really have much life experience to write about (at least as far as i thought back then) i had a few years off while at uni, but i started writing your pretty face in 2006 after a graduated, though i’d wanted to start again in my 3rd year when i rekindled my love for zines and even ended up doing my dissertation on perzines, but didn’t really have the time to work on a zine on top of my final work. as i write this, i’ve done about 22 issues of pretty face and about 30 odd zines all together over the years. and i still think i could do more. i dont think i’ll ever do enough in my opinion.

i do a lot of knitting and crocheting because at heart i’m a big old grandma ♥ i also try my hand at all sorts of other crafty things but never finish thing. i draw sometimes, and occasionally i sell those drawings. i also try to play bass in a band but it’s seems harder to get things going that you’d think. since my old band sean bean death scene went on hiatus and never came back i’ve hard at least 3 false starts on new bands and i’ve got something starting again but there were more false starts but we are hopefully figuring it out and will finally be ok to play probably in the new year (stupid working in retail in december) i’m also fat babe and i love fashion but i’m also always broke. i finally got a sewing machine last year but i haven’t managed to make myself anything yet because i’m terrified i will just waste my charity shopped fabric because some pattern i got on the sale doesn’t fit me right or i fuck it up.

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