life update vlog / rest in pissed-offness.

i’ve had a bit of heavy week emotionally, and the other day i also (finally) got myself some subscribers on youtube (wow) and i thought “hey i should make a video!” so i did as soon as i had the house to myself for more than a couple of hours. and the video ended up being a 23 minute somewhat life update, where i get a bit emotional. it comes with a trigger / content warning for talk of death & grief. (from 5:00 til about 10:00, if you feel need to skip it. that’s ok, just stay safe.)

i felt 50% better once i’d filmed this. i haven’t really been able to talk to anyone about any of this, and i guess i needed to. besides the sad stuff, i also talk about band worries, probably going home in the summer and upcoming zine fests.

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