‘quick’ pre-chrimbo update.

been quiet. been busy. doing a lot of crochet for presents. and working. not much to say about anything.

christmas decorations.
i’ve been also making fudge. the first patch i made went a bit wrong; it didn’t set. it seems i hadn’t heated it up enough, i was so worried i would burn the fudge so i kept the temperature quite low, and besides the mix wasn’t even bubbling at any point in the recipe video. so i had to reheat it. this time i let it bubble quite a lot during the 15 minute period and it worked! may have overdone it a little bit cos it ended up being a lot firmer than the fudge the homemade fudge stand in the shopping centre i work. but it tasted good and everyone who tasted it gave it two thumbs up. i made another patch yesterday (with higher heat, and actually bubbling during the fifteen minutes stirring on the hob) and added a teaspoon of cinnamon for festive fun and it turned out A+++. still firmer than fudge stand fudge but better than first lot. it’s all technically for presents but i’ve kind of been nibbling on it. it’s pretty moorish. i think my teeth might fall off.
i still have work tomorrow, boo! and i’m going in at 8.30am, extra boo! but i finish at early at 1pm and then i don’t have to go back until next year which is nice. and i got a beyonce perfume as a christmas present so that’s nice too. (i would bloody love not to have to work on christmas eve sometime though. maybe next year??) i still have a few more things to sort out tomorrow after work, and we have wrapped NOTHING yet. (i wanted to document what we/i’ve got and made people but it’s been dark and horrid when i’ve been home and i can’t find my camera and not everything is quite done. i had yesterday off but it was a bit of a bust when it came to doing things other than laundry and fudge.) carl’s home tomorrow but i usually do the wrapping cos i kinda like it and i’m pretty good at it. we’re going to carl’s mum’s tomorrow night as usual though and i’m a bit worried we won’t be ready to go on time D: so i should better go on with it. and i have at least one more crochet project that needs to be 100% finished. it’s gonna be pretty full on on christmas day, it’s gonna be me, carl, his ma & 2 brothers, and 1 brother’s partner and her four kids (one of them is also his). yowzers. actual kids at christmas! that should be interesting, i haven’t had one of those since i was a kid myself and my family’s finnish christmas was pretty chill and pretty different from how it’s here…
anyway, whatever you celebrate this week (if you celebrate anything) i hope it’s a good one xxx (SHIT IS THAT THE TIME) here’s my off beat finnish christmas song playlist.

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