suggested friends in margate ?

ok, so i said i was going to start writing in this again and did it twice and then didn’t do anything and now i’ve kind of got too much to catch up on. oops. i might do that later, i might not, i don’t know anymore. i have a bunch of videographic material from around halloween that needs editing but.. stuff.

anyway, yesterday was supposed to be just another boring wednesday night. i had work, i did some laundry and the weekly food shop was due to arrive between 7.30 and 8.30pm, but then i got a text from my pal ed asking if i was going to see suggested friends in margate and i was like no, but if you’re driving i’ll come along. which is what i did, and carl put the shopping away (i’m going to spend the next week trying to figure out where everything is like the last time he did it…) i was supposed to see suggested friends in rainham back in october but then the date was changed to the one saturday i was not in medway and had other plans at the other end of this island. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

i met a very cute dog in a rainbow jumper with a fabulous owner in the biggest faux fur coat, and my friend emma who was putting the gig on was happy to see me (i didn’t tell her i was coming. surprise!) and i took some nice pictures of suggested friends. it appears i’m utterly obsessed with the huji cam app. i just wish it didn’t pretend it’s 1998, and actually put the right year in the time stamp. i usually crop it out but this time.. i just didn’t.

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