one more move.

duckfacei did the thing again. i have this awful habit of every once and a while (like at least once a year apparently?) to do a drastic change on my blog, which usually includes me deciding whatever platform i’m using suxx / isn’t right for whatever and i move my blog and start again. i did it last back in march moving from wordpress on my domain to blogspot / blogger. some reasons have been more valid / better than others. i don’t even know what this time’s reason is other than i wanted to, and it seemed to make sense to have it on my domain and blogger is not really working out and blah blah blah something ah well. i’m still tweeking the layout and stuff but hopefully this will be it. no more moves. hopefully. and i’ll probably sometimes write in finnish too.

i guess i better do a small intro in case you’re new? i’m tukru, i’m 33 and i live in a cluster of small towns in southeast england called medway but i’m originally from finland. i’ve been here for 12 years now. i came here to study photography and i stayed cos i met a boy and fell in love or something (we’ve been together for 11 years and a couple of weeks as i write this). i make zines and i run vampire sushi distro. i’m a fat babe and a wannabe cat lady and i try to play bass in a feminist punk band but it’s sometimes harder than you’d think in a small town like this one. sometimes i will write here also in finnish but not today cos i’m too lazy.

what else. i suppose it’s december. joulukuu. happy christmas (war ain’t over) i haven’t been up to much, mainly crocheting and then thinking about crocheting. carl had two weeks off and we did a bunch of tidying and some re-arranging and we have now finally fully unpacked! after 18 months! *throws confetti* *hoovers up the damn confetti* so that’s nice. ugh. i shall stop rambling because i do actually have a proper blog post i want to post tomorrow (i got it ready yesterday and then decided to do this moving thing, whyyy?) i still have ALL MY OLD blog posts here from the last wordpress incarnation and i will probably at some point make them no longer private, and i’m also going to slowly add old posts from the blogpost one and other wordpress based one that is also on this server. GOSH. i pretty much never delete anything EVER. besides i should go to bed so i can get up at a sensible time and get back into a normal-ish routine cos it’s back to work (for one day) on friday. and i have lots to do tomorrow cos we are going to have visitors on saturday omg!